Cassiopeia's Space Cases Quiz!

Welcome to my "Space Cases" Quiz! I was fooling around in a computer class- great chance to write this thing up! It's very test taker friendly, so even if Harlan broke your memory crystal, you'd still be able to ace it. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take it! And while you're at it, print out several copies for all of your friends!

Season One

1) The knight who came aboard the Christa was called

a) Dram

b) Dream

c) Ram

2) When the kids tried Harlan for being bossy and Radu served two purposes, Bova explained it as

a) the only logical thing to do

b) recycling

c) None of your business! I'm the judge and what I say goes!

3) When the crew teased her about her "imaginary friend", Catalina would respond

a) You guys are so immature.

b) Well at least I have friends!

c) She's not imaginary she's invisible. There's a difference.

4) Catalina explained to Harlan that the reason that she could see Suzee and he couldn't was because

a) Suzee didn't choose to see him

b) Catalina and Suzee's brain waves were on the same frequency

c) Harlan didn't believe that Suzee existed

5) Thelma's name stands for

a) Techno Human Emulating Machine

b) Nothing. It's just a name!

c) The Hilarious Excellent Loud Manufacturing Android

Season Two

1) The animal that Rosie found with Harlan on the alien planet was called a

a) Rhoda

b) rhombi

c) rhino

2) Rosie's evil twin wanted to be called

a) Ruby

b) Rosie

c) Little pink person

3) The surprising news that the crew found out about Elmira was

a) she was Warlord Shank's daughter

b) Warlord Shank was her father

c) a and b

4) The crew met Suzee when Catalina

a) was saved by Suzee and pushed into her dimension

b) died

c) introduced Suzee to the crew

5) The crew found out about Suzee's telepathy skills when

a) she entered Radu's mind

b) Harlan was caught in the quick sand

c) The crew was trapped in Ma's clutches

That's it for now. Ta ta!

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