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Links to other sites on the web!

Geocities- Former host, now defunct

DotEasy- Current domain host!

Guestworld- (now defunct), where I got my guest bookw- great addition for all of my web pages

Webring Hub- still active! And a great tool for networking and linking your homepage to like-minded sites.

My old high school- Free at last :)

Washington College- College days

NaNoWriMo- NaNoWriMo, current hangout in November- write a novel in 30 days!

GoodReads- For voracious readers, check out what your friends are reading, look up local bookstore events, store your own reviews and more!

Archive of our Own- still-popular multi-fandom fanfic repository and community

Current reading/writing blog- what the link says :P

Dark Chaos RPG- My next creative exploit after these websites; a livejournal-based Harry Potter role-playing game. Lasted six years and I met some great, now "real life" friends :)

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