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Though it's not my preferred genre, I was quite prolific in my day when it came to poetry. In fact, I won the Warwick Rust Poetry Prize from my high school in junior year. Poetry is a great way to express your feelings succinctly. Enjoy the feelings I've posted here.

Poetry From Seventh Grade- Daydreams, Late Leaf, Mystery Place, Right And Wrong, Runaway, Secret, Swingset Fantasy, Waiting

Poetry From Eigth Grade- The Different One, Dreams, Falling, The Game, Hold Onto Me, Hopeless, Loss of Innocence, Masked, The Middle Path, Mirror, Moon Sister, Replay, Self Portrait, The Teenage Path, Truth or Dare?, Venus' Glory, Wood Spirit

Poetry From the summer of '98- Fleeting Moments of Time, It's Past, The Life I Want to Lead, The Most Painful Past, Prayer, The Victim

Poetry From Ninth Grade- Academics, All Mine, The Eyes of the Enemy, I Hide My Rage Behind My Tears, Kissing the Rain, Lady's Fingers, Melissa, Midnight Excursion By The Moon, My Sanctuary, Mystery Moon, Ode to Writing, Sister With Your Silver Tears, Stormy Weather Friends, To Walk With An Angel, Water on the Hand

Poetry From Tenth Grade- Abyss, Angel, Blue Eyed Gal, The Cold Still Air, Complimentary Love, Dreamology, Gray Fields, I Love You: Hate Me, Hole, My House, The Rose, Sand Castle, There was a Time, Verbal Gun

Poetry From Eleventh Grade- Alone, Backwards World, Baltimore, Catepillar, Fire, Insanity, Mother, Murderer, Poor Ophelia, Rain, Through the Mist, Yesterday

Poetry From Twelfth Grade- Blind Girl, Gertrude, Jew Girl, Life is a Journey, Marathon, The Minorities, Prison of my own Making, Secrets of the Mind, Scars, The Smoker, Suspended Time, Teenage Psalm

Poetry From Freshman year of college- 9-11, Cat, Close my Eyes, Crush, Erupting, Far Away Hatreds, Jenny, Laundry Cycle, Memory Lapse, Nana, Ode to Edith, Purim Song, Renaissance Man, Superfresh Holiday, That Thing, To You... Or Her

Poetry from June/July 2003, BCI- Chain Link Fence, Holocaust, Jewish Images, Partners, Rosh Chodesh, Signs from G-d, Torah

Poetry From Sophomore year of college- Drowning, Life in Jerusalem, To Play a Part, Under the Waves, Visions from RennFest, WAC Life, Walking Sideways

Poetry from June 2004- my first aliyah to Israel- Ben Gurion, The Kotel, Shofar, Transformation, Stray Cats and Cigarettes, Reva L'Sheva, The Negev, The Galilee

Poetry From Junior year of college- Aftermath, Bat-Mitzvah, The Changing Bonds of Friendship, Fells Point on Winter Break, High School Graduation, Lavinia, Martha Washington Square, Washington College, The Middle Ground, Middle School Extra Curriculars, My Mother and I Look Across Generations, New Emotions Hot and Fast, Ode to Autumn, Sisters, Sitting in Tawes Theatre with the Art Show Set Up, Thoughts on a Friend's Abortion, What You Learn from an Indoor Cat, Word Lycanthrope

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