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Daydreams/ Late Leaf/ Mystery Place/ Right and Wrong/ Runaway/ Secret/ Swingset Fantasy/ Waiting


A lady came to me yesterday
And sprinkled some magic into my eyes
While I was dozing in math class.
She took me to a wonderful place
Where whatever happened was happy, no doubts,
With no mixed, conflicting feelings.
Death and horror and everything sad
Did not exist in this magical world
And I realized how much I wanted to stay,
In this kingdom where I could be duchess of happiness.
Of course with those thoughts, I woke up at once,
And found myself in my boring math class.
Outside were happenings glad and sad both
And people confused on what to think.
My teacher was mad; I hadn't answered her problem.
And my usual wrong answer was my ticket back into the world.

Late Leaf

Leaves roll by in fall on a cold breeze
But some can come late
Sometimes you'll see a flash of color
In the white snow
That's a leaf.
Some would take the leaf inside
And warm it by the fire
Preserve it for the whole winter
And when spring comes
Let it go on the wind
And run with it 'til it reaches
The end of your yard
And watch it go beyond.

Mystery Place

Walk in the forest,
Sit on a rock,
Look up at the moonlight,
See all the stars,
Leaves drop from trees,
Dew moistens paths,
Rainbows streak the sky,
Silver rain pelts the ground,
Golden sunlight shoots through the air,
A feeling of completeness,
Inside the soul,
Mystery Place has acted again.

Right and Wrong

Just mere words
Meaning nothing
That roll off your tongue
With no meaning
They bind you
Trap you
From even who you are
Make you act
Another mass of syllables
Another meaning nothing
When we all go up to heaven
We will never use them again
Only in Hell
Will they exist


Dark night, thick fog,
You walk along a highway.
Cars roll by, sweeping their headlights on your face,
It is midnight.
Shouldn't you be home?
You have two exams tomorrow in school.
Shouldn't you be studying for them?
Or will you even be in school?
How far is the bus stop from here?
Another mile at least.
Some may call that a lot.
But it's not very far to you,
Those who are doubtful have not cried as much as you have.
They have not shed the tears
Of sadness.
What would it be like to run away?
To board a bus driving out of town
And never come back?
Would you get caught?
Or would you make it?
Make it where?
You have no place to go.
This town is no place.
These people are nobodies.
Anywhere else at least you'd be free.
Free to travel forever.
Visit all around the country.
Places of excitement,
Of happiness.
You could be a princess,
And the bus your coach.
If only you were to


Behind the house and behind the fence,
Sometimes I forget it exists.
While at others I think I'm the only one who knows.
When you're down the hill you can hear the water frothing.
Where is it going?
Where has it been?
I could climb and tumble and explore for hours,
But there is only really one place I want to go.
Where the water gets deeper.
And the bank is piled with little white rocks.
On top of those rocks are two big logs,
Covered in green blankets of moss.
When I sit on those rocks, I can look across the water
To the opposite sand bank
And to the trees and houses beyond.
And I rummage through my backpack for something to do.
I take out a snack and I take out a book.
I chew on my snack and sketch out my thoughts.
And then I just sit there,

Swingset Fantasy

Flying high in the sky
Above crystal oceans.
And waterfalls that look like
Silver streamers falling over rocks,
And the wind making them ripple.
I am no heavier than a feather
But I have the choice of my direction,
Not the wind.
The golden sun and silver moon don't bother me
For I am as immortal as a fairy tale,
As I fly over the land,
And it becomes my kingdom.


The door slams shut behind her at seven PM,
When will she be back?
Where she goes is not your problem,
Or what she does.
The little ones need to start their homework,
Dinner must be prepared.
You open the cabinet and sigh with disgust,
When you see that Mama forgot to shop again.
Oh well, you can share the remains of last night's dinner,
Your youngest brothers didn't finish their stew.
Besides, you've got more important things to deal with,
Like raising your grades from Fs to Cs
When you haven't got time to study.
Soon the baby must be wakened from his nap
The toddlers are milling 'round your legs,
But you push them away,
You haven't got time for them.
Once the baby's settled in the kitchen
The younger ones will be done with their homework,
Wanting dinner.
It seems so tough but you finally get done
And herd the oldest ones off to bed.
Then you sit on the steps and wait for Mama.
It's already 10 o'clock,
So late.
You start to wonder about her,
When will she be home?
Will she be drunk or sober?
Dressed or no?
Beaten or clean?
Alone, or with some strange man?
You think all these things,
As you sit there,

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