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For as long as I can remember, I have been writing short stories. My oldest stories, starting with "My name is", are usually about girls my age at the time, going through a daily life I knew or aspired to have. As my imagination of story ideas grew, so did the length of my manuscripts. I call my favorite story, Captured By Fate my first novel, written from my 10th to 11th birthday. It is 82 handwritten pages. My short stories grew in size too, one, which I meant to be 8 pages, turned into 30. In high school, I won the Fulton Prize for Fiction and in college, I was a creative writing minor. Here you will find my favorite pieces from my formative years. Hopefully you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Writing Exercises

Angel- A dream sequence.

Babysitting- Based on a magazine picture.

Betrayed- An exercise in dialogue usage.

Generations- A "short, short" fiction piece.

Gertrude Hampton Barringer- Based on the information of two gravestones.

Jealousy- Showing, not telling, an emotion.

Moody Artists- A fictional sestina.

Reunion- An exercise in dialogue usage.
Completed peices of fiction

Abstract Stories- 1- 2 page stories written about feelings and emotions rather than actual experiences.

The Locket- Written in spring 1996. Published in Amazon Adventure and Other Stories for Children by Children.

A Circle of Life- Written in spring 1997

A Short Shoe Story- Written in spring 1997

Wind Dancer- Written in summer 1997 excerpt published in the Maryland Writing Project Student Writer's Workshop Anthology of 1997

True Courage- Written in spring 1998

Imperfect Perfection- Written in summer 1998 excerpt published in the Maryland Writing Project Student Writer's Workshop Anthology of 1998

From Mother to Daughter- Written in December, 1999

Summers in New Hampshire- Written in summer, 2000, at UVA Young Writer's Workshop

Farmland- Written in summer, 2001, at UVA Young Writer's Workshop. Published in The Apprentice Writer, 2002 Edition

An Art of Depression- a one-act play, written in February, 2002

Mia's Vignette- Written in March 2002, winner of high school's Fulton Prize for fiction

Jocasta Complex- Written in October, 2002

Rebirth- Written in November, 2002

Immigrante- Written in February, 2003, published in the sock rocking anthology put out by my college friends!

Search for Absolution- Written in March, 2004

The Diet- Written in February, 2005

The Trip- Written in March, 2005

Gerdie's Legacy- Senior thesis, written between 2005/2006

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